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    Find Great Dining Advice With These Resources!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Whether you’re at home or away, finding the perfect restaurant is likely to be on your mind. Your palate craves a variety of taste experiences and you seek unfamiliar, exciting atmospheres to enjoy your evenings. The following resources will guide you on your mission to discover delicious and fun new dining options.

    • Learn how the French celebrate their culture by dedicating an entire day to the delicious, thin pancakes known as crepes.
    • New York Magazine gives a tour of the cultural history of the Lower East Side. Learning about this region’s history reveals some important information about dining in this exciting area.
    • If you’re worried about staying healthy while dining out, the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a fact sheet with some helpful advice.
    • Often dining out is a perfect venue for a first date or a business meeting. Learn how to make a favorable impression wherever you go with this article on
    • Having children doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the décor and atmosphere of restaurants. This article by The Huffington Post outlines some ways in which you can successfully incorporate your kids in your dining experience.


    If you are looking to experience upscale dining in Manhattan’s historic Lower East Side, contact Hotel Chantelle at (646) 783-3654.

    3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hotel Chantelle for Your Dining Experience

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Whether you call Manhattan home or you’re just visiting, the search for the perfect restaurant is likely to be at the top of your mind. Restaurants are more than a place to curb your hunger; they provide a chance to relax, socialize, and experiment with unique cuisine. It is important to dine somewhere that provides comfort, style, and matches your personality.

    Nestled in the heart of lower Manhattan, Hotel Chantelle draws on the neighborhood’s historic roots to create a unique dining experience you won’t forget. The attractions of this restaurant include:

    Characteristic of the Lower East Side

    One of the greatest aspects of New York City is the unique blend of cultures from all over the world. As you walk through the Lower East Side, you can’t help but notice the mixing of cultures in the form of music, language, and food. Hotel Chantelle reflects this atmosphere in the Mediterranean cuisine and old-fashioned inspired drink list. By drawing on the influence of the immigrant groups who have settled, it is truly a reflection and extension of the soul of the Lower East Side.

    Unique Dining Experience

    Hidden away on the corner of a historic Manhattan neighborhood, this is truly a venue for those in the know. Unmarked doors lead you inside a retro-inspired lobby, styled after 1940s traditional cocktail lounges. This sophisticated glamour continues to the elegant, covered rooftop bar, where patrons can escape from the bustling New York City streets.  

    Brunch, Dinner, and Special Events

    Whether you seek a comfortable morning brunch or an elegant dinner, Hotel Chantelle provides exceptional food and drink options. Our wine list was designed to complement the menu by reflecting regions from around the globe. After dinner, you may also find yourself enjoying the night by dancing in our downstairs basement club.

    This unique, upscale restaurant in lower Manhattan is the perfect venue to enjoy the city’s culture and atmosphere. To learn more about Hotel Chantelle’s menu, décor, and special events, call us today at (646) 783-3654. You can also reserve a table in advance for your party.

    A Look at the History of Crepes

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Culture and food are invariably tied together. This is best illustrated in France on February 2, where the Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day is commonly referred to as “Le Jour des Crepes.” This literally translates to the day of the crepes. Not surprisingly, the country celebrates by spending the day in the kitchen creating and consuming these very thin, cooked pancakes.

    This tradition is so sacred that a belief of potential luck surrounds the process. While cooking, it is common to hold a gold coin in the left hand and use the right hand to flip the crepe in the air and catch it in the frying pan. If you are successful, it means financial prosperity for the year.  

    Although crepes originated in the northwest region of France, the rest of the world continues to enjoy this unique delicacy. One of the reasons for their lasting popularity is their versatility. Sometimes served for breakfast and at other times for dessert, these delicious pancakes are enjoyed throughout the day.

    In the morning, they are generally made with sweeter ingredients. This means they are commonly filled and topped with Nutella, sugar, maple syrup, lemon juice, whipped cream, and fresh fruit. For brunch, they are commonly enjoyed alongside coffee, tea, buttermilk, or cider. These sweeter crepe versions are also served at the end of a meal for dessert. If you’re looking to enjoy these thin, wheat flour pancakes as the main dish, they can be cooked with ham, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, and artichokes.

    Proper cooking technique is crucial to ensure quality and taste. Experienced chefs pour the liquid batter onto a hot frying pan or circular plate, artfully tilting the pan to ensure even cooking. A spatula is then used to carefully remove the crepe and serve it at crispy perfection.

    Nestled in downtown Manhattan, Hotel Chantelle offers a variety of cultural cuisine including crepes. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Lower East Side for brunch and dinner on our elegant rooftop bar. To make a reservation, call us today at (646) 783-3654.

    Visit These Sites To Learn More About What Hotel Chantelle Can Offer You

    Last updated 2 years ago

    You can find a wide variety of delicious dishes to suit every possible palate when you join us here at Hotel Chantelle. To find out more about our cuisine, check out the following websites. If you would like more information about our location, then you can call us today at (646) 783-3654!

    • Brunch may not be one of the three traditional meals, but it is still a popular mid-morning meal for many people. Learn about the history of brunch on this page from
    • If you are preparing for a brunch-time business meeting, you can brush up on proper business meeting etiquette with help from this page from
    • Discover what makes a Mediterranean diet so healthy and tasty on this page from

    Watch This Video for Helpful Restaurant Etiquette Tips

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Restaurant dining means that your experience is shared with a range of people. The chef, the servers, hostesses, and other patrons all play a role in the atmosphere and quality of your meal. This also means that your behavior should reflect and contribute to an elegant dining venue. It is important to understand proper etiquette when frequenting a restaurant.

    The following clip from The Chew illustrates how to respond to common restaurant situations. From dealing with other patrons’ bad behavior to improving your own, you can learn how to politely respond to a variety of circumstances. By following this list of do’s and don’ts, you can ensure your experience in restaurants will be courteous, comfortable, and pleasant.

    If you’re looking for elegant, upscale dining in the heart of downtown Manhattan, contact Hotel Chantelle at (646) 783-3654. To learn more about our restaurant and menu, visit us online today.

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